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Pre-fabricated and Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

On-Site Builders, LLC is now authorized to install pre-fabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings through our

partnership with Federal Steel Systems. These cost-effective and reliable structures provide several benefits to customers

such as durability, strength, and sustainability. The pre-fabricated buildings are made off-site and then transported

to the customer's location where they are quickly assembled, saving time and reducing construction costs. The use

of steel also means that the buildings are resistant to fire, pests, and natural disasters, ensuring long-term safety and

stability for customers. Overall, On-Site Builders LLC offers innovative solutions to meet the growing demand

for modern, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance buildings.

**PLEASE NOTE: The images used are for reference only. On-Site Builders did not install the buildings pictured below.



The strength and versatility of steel have made prefabricated steel buildings a standard in the commercial building industry. At On-Site Builders, LLC we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you make the best choices for your commercial building project. We’ll take you every step of the way from blueprint creation to building completion.

Advances in the prefab steel building industry allow us to offer you the speedy construction and cost savings that this building system is known for. Our buildings meet or exceed industry standards, and we offer a wide variety of products that allow you to customize the look of your building.


Stainless Steel


Today, a prefabricated steel building is considered the most cost-effective method for erecting industrial buildings. Utilizing product and engineering advances in pre-engineered steel building technology, the experts at On-Site Builders, LLC can help you design your facility according to your needs while at the same time saving you money on total project costs.

Our industrial buildings can accommodate clear-span widths of up to 250 feet and bay widths of up to 60 feet. Our designs can incorporate structures that can support a wide range of point loads such as cranes and roof top air handling systems. Our roof and wall paneling systems offer the highest R-values in the industry for buildings that require climate control.

Our design specialists can design industrial buildings

that address a wide variety of applications and special needs.

For the answers to your industrial building questions, contact us today.

Heli Hangar DSC01375_0026.jpg

Shop & Utility

Shop and utility buildings have a wide variety of needs depending on who will be using them. Whether your building will be used for storage, a repair facility or a garage, our design experts will help you create a building that can meet all your needs.
The low initial cost and low maintenance requirements of a prefabricated steel building make it a worthwhile investment on many levels. At On-Site Builders, LLC, we have an extensive range of options at our disposal to help you design and create the shop or utility space that’s just right for your application. Call us today to see how a prefabricated steel building fits in with your overall plans for success.

Stainless Steel


Agricultural buildings address a wide variety of needs that can all be covered with a prefabricated steel building. Whether you need grain storage, a place for your heavy equipment, or an arena to show off your best livestock, On-Site Builders, LLC can create a building that will suit your needs for generations. Our agricultural building designers have decades of experience and detailed knowledge of the types of buildings suited to agriculture. Our agricultural buildings come with the same attention to detail and strength as our commercial and industrial buildings, so your farm or ranch will have the professional look that adds value to your property as well as to your business enterprise.

Church-buildings (1).jpg


Steel frame buildings can easily accommodate the large open spaces typical of worship centers and sanctuaries, they are nicely suited for building churches. Churches undertaking a building program often turn to pre-engineered steel buildings because of their low initial cost, cost-effective construction and ability to be raised quickly and efficiently. Churches that choose prefabricated steel construction are often able to afford more building for the same money, allowing them to build a structure that will accommodate their current congregation while allowing room for growth. Plus, this type of building can be designed with congregational growth in mind which saves money on future architect and engineering costs.

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